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Past Events

May 14, 2019 "Fiduciary Surcharge Liability" and ECEPC Annual Meeting Sponsored by Community Foundation and Sterling Foundation Management
April 23, 2019 "I Do, Act II: Planning for Second Marriages" Sponsored by MPI and Coral Gables Trust
February 12, 2019 February Dinner Meeting Sponsored by BDO and SunTrust Private Wealth
January 22, 2019 SOLD OUT "Using Nontraditional Investing in IRAs" Sponsored by Palm Health Foundation and CIBC Private Wealth Management
December 4, 2018 Holiday Party Sponsored by MPI
November 13, 2018 "New Matters in Gift and Estate" Sponsored by Quantum Realty Advisors, Inc.
September 24, 2018 "The Estate Planner's Income Tax Handbook" sponsored by
September 17, 2018 2018-2019 Opening Reception Sponsored by
May 8, 2018 Annual Meeting featuring Joe Falanga Sponsored by Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith
April 24, 2018 'Saving Your Client's Retirement Savings' featuring Robert Kirkland Sponsored by Coral Gables Trust and Heritage Auctions
February 13, 2018 'THE PAST YEAR’S MOST SIGNIFICANT, CURIOUS, OR DOWNRIGHT FASCINATING FIDUCIARY CASES' Sponsored by Quantum Realty Advisors and Berkowitz, Pollack, Brant
January 10, 2018 "Post Mortem Planning" Joint Dinner Meeting with PBCEPC sponsored by, Palm Healthcare Foundation
December 5, 2017 Holiday Party with PBCEPC, PBTI and Planned Giving sponsored by MPI Valuation
November 14, 2017 "Washington Update" Joint Dinner with PBTI sponsored by MPI Valuation and Quantum Realty Advisors
October 26, 2017 Hurricane Irma Recovery Reception Sponsored by
October 10, 2017 "Social Investing: The Art of Structuring High-Impact, Innovative Programs" Sponsored by BDO and Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties
May 9, 2017 Practical Planning for Art Collectors and Their Advisors
April 19, 2017 “The Most Important Factors in Tax and Financial Planning ”, Jonathan Blattmachr. Joint Dinner Meeting with PBTI Sponsored by and Life Audit Professionals, LLC
February 7, 2017 “Good Intentions Can Often Lead to Unintended Consequences”, Jeff Haskell, J.D., LL.M. Sponsors: Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors & Accountants and SunTrust Private Wealth
January 17, 2017 SOLD OUT “How Recent Developments Affect Contemporary Estate Planning Strategies”, Sam Donaldson. Joint Dinner Meeting with PBEPC. Sponsored by Palm Healthcare Foundation and MPI Business Valuation and Advisory
December 13, 2016 Holiday Party Sponsored by Heritage Auctions
November 10, 2016 “What Can We Learn from the Estates of Deceased Celebrities” by Jeff Scroggin, JD, LL.M, AEP®. Sponsored by Heritage Auctions and Whitehead Law Offices.
October 25, 2016 "Utilizing Disclaimers to Fix What is Broken and Section 2704 Proposed Regulations”, A. Stephen McDaniel. Sponsored by BDO and the Law Offices of David M. Garten, Esq.
September 6, 2016 Opening Reception - Sponsored by
May 12, 2016 Professional Mixer with FICPA, CREW and PBTI
May 10, 2016 The top 10 Items every CPA, Laywer, Financial Planner and Charter Life Underwriter should know about disputes with the IRS SPONSORED BY; Available
April 20, 2016 April Meeting -Income Tax Strategies for Business Owners, Speaker Steve Gorin Joint Meeting with PBTI SPONSORED BY: Aft Forsyth and Coral Gables Trust
February 9, 2016 Residency Planning, Speaker Paul Comeau SPONSORED BY Life Audit Professionals and MPI
January 19, 2016 Joint Meeting with PBCEPC - Topic “Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: Planning in a World of Disappearing Discounts” SPONSORED BY: Palm Healthcare
December 8, 2015 Holiday Reception SPONSORS: BDO, other sponsorships available
November 10, 2015 Asset Protection & Estate Planning - Why Not Have Both? , Speakers Barry Nelson & Mindy Mora SPONSORED BY: Lesser, Lesser Landy & Smith and Jami L. Huber, PA
October 13, 2015 Enhanced Estate Planning with Derivatives, Speaker Larry Macklin SPONSORED BY: EstateBuyers, Art Samuels
September 10, 2015 Opening Reception -Sponsorsed by Hallmark Capital Management, Inc.
May 12, 2015 Decision Making for Discretionary Distributions
April 16, 2015 SPONSORED BY: Life Audit Professionals and MPI
February 10, 2015 Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts: The Intermediary for any Large Testamentary Gift to a Family Foundation
January 20, 2015 Thinking Outside the Box; Why Conventional Thinking Might Not Always Be Best For Your Client: Joint Meeting with PBCEPC
December 9, 2014 Annual Holiday Reception
November 18, 2014 Grantor Trust Liabilities: An Income Tax Analysis
October 7, 2014 Searching for Basis in Estate Planning
September 9, 2014 Opening Reception
May 13, 2014 Post-ATRA Opportunities to Utilize Captive Insurance Companies in Your Estate Planning Practice
April 23, 2014 Modern Trusts – A Trustee’s Exposure, Including What ATRA Has Wrought
February 11, 2014 The Uses of Life Insurance After the Revisions in 2013 Tax Law
January 21, 2014 Planning Strategies That Get the Best Results for the 3.8% Surtax and The Expiration of Charitable IRA Rollover in 2014
December 5, 2013 Annual Holiday Party
November 20, 2013 Capital Gains Issues for Trusts
October 8, 2013 The Use of Trusts in Government Benefits Planning
September 10, 2013 Joint Reception with Planned Giving Council
May 14, 2013 Love, Sex, Money, Marriage and Death: Estate Planning Aspects of Divorce
April 16, 2013 New Demographics of Investment and Estate Planning
February 20, 2013 Estate and Distribution Planning for Retirement Benefits
January 8, 2013 Derivatives for Dummies
December 11, 2012 Annual Holiday Party
November 14, 2012 UPIA - Joint with Tax Institute
October 9, 2012 Trustee's Duty to Keep Clear, Distinct and Accurate Records under Florida Law
September 11, 2012 Opening Reception
May 17, 2012 Wills of the Rich and Famous
April 19, 2012 Charitable Planning Update
February 16, 2012 Now That You're Dead, What About Your Business?
January 19, 2012 Divorce, Taxation, Bankruptcy & Dying; Take Your Choice
December 15, 2011 Holiday Party
November 17, 2011 New Power of Attorney Act Effective 10/1/2011 - Jt w/ PBTI
October 20, 2011 Take these two and call me in 2013
September 15, 2011 Opening Reception at Norton Museum
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